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cr chart: clean and simple

Clean and Simple CR Chart

This cr chart was made to match this navigation page. As currently coded, it can provide up to 25 lines of cr for your character. To add more colums, please see instructions below.
'clean and simple' design by mistojen
color change:


  1. Make sure you check the box that says Disable Auto-Formatting located below the subject line and above the content box for your entry itself.
  2. Replace the following:
    • MAINIMAGE with the url for the image as your base on the left. This needs to be exactly 250x250 in size. You can change this, but if you do, then you also need to change all of the dimensions in the rest of the code to match whatever you change it to, which can get a bit tricky. To resize and crop gifs, I recommend EZGif.
    • JOURNALNAME with your character's journal name.
    • CHARACTERNAME (Note: If your character has a long name, you may have to fiddle with the font-size for the span wrapped around this until you find one that fits in the div properly.)
    • CANON
    • GAMEURL with a link to the game your cr is for.
    • GAMENAME with the name of the game.
    • "cr character name" with your cr partner's character name.
    • "relationship to your character"
    • ICONURL with a link to an icon for your character. If you're using a Dreamwidth icon, it should have the contextual popup that'll link back to that character's journal. If you're not, however, you might want to wrap a link around the individual character divs.
  3. To add additional rows of CR (the code in the textarea above has only one row of five columns), copy the section between START and END of ROW OF CR in the code's comments and paste as up to four more rows between the ADD and END of ADDITIONAL ROWS OF CR comments in the code. You cannot have more than five rows of cr, but you can add additional columns.
  4. As stated at the top, the current code allows for a maximum of 25 lines of cr. However, if you'd like to add more, you can add additional columns to the cr div. To do that, increase the following div classes by exactly 50px width per column you're adding: div class="main", div class="cr", div class="credit"
  5. Please do not remove credit.
  6. If you have any questions or run into hiccups, please feel free to comment below and I'll try to get back to you ASAP to help.
  7. Enjoy!