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manamods ([personal profile] manamods) wrote in [personal profile] mistojen 2016-08-02 04:37 pm (UTC)


My experience with [personal profile] mistojen was overwhelmingly positive. She volunteered to help me with my game to make things pretty when I said I was garbage with coding, and she was professional, fast, and helpful every step of the way. We were able to complete all of the pages for my game in less than a week, and the pages look absolutely gorgeous. She also left me codes and samples so that I could easily edit and make changes as necessary.

I had no problems trusting her with the mod password and access to the game files. My trust was never abused. She was very responsive to feedback and quick to not only create pages, but implement changes as requested. She made several suggestions for searching image art and page styles, and I often trusted her to take liberties with styling the page if I had no particular preferences.

I have no complaints whatsoever. Whenever I sent a message, I got a response back within the hour, if not sooner. She's pleasant and easy to work with, and I would highly recommend hiring her if you want to create a game. Worth every penny and then some!

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