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cr chart: instagram

Instagram CR Chart

After realizing that there isn't an up to date, in-entry compatible Instagram code available, at least that I could find, I decided to toss this together to be used as a CR Chart, although it probably would also work for a muselist if you really wanted it to. This code is 900px wide, so if your journal entry content box isn't that wide, it's going to look a little crazy and you're going to want to put it behind a cut. With that said, if you're not set for the default Dreamwidth entry view, putting it behind a cut isn't really going to help the fact that it doesn't fit in your entry boxes, in this case, so you'll want to switch to that setting by going to your display settings and ticking the box which says Show my journal's entry pages in my chosen style instead of the site skin.

If you're running into spacing issues on your wide-width styled entries because you don't use the default Dreamwidth entry view, use the second copy/paste code. Please note that this fix borks the code a bit if you're looking at it in entry view and your journal is set not to use the journal's layout on entries. But...it works on journal layout I tested it in, so...hopefully it will also work for you. Drop me a line if not.


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'instagram' design by mistojen

fixed code for picky journal layouts:
  1. Make sure that you've checked the box at the top of the entry to Disable Auto-Formatting.
  2. Replace the following:
    • MAINIMAGE with the url for the image as your base. This image needs to be square and at least 155x155 in size. If it's bigger, the code will resize it for you.
    • USERNAME with whatever you want your character's fake Instagram account name to be.
    • BLURBGOESHERE with a little short maybe one or two sentence blurb about your character. You need to put something here, because the spacing will be weirdly off if you don't put anything at all. A short sentence should do it.
    • Both instances of JOURNALNAME with your character's journal name. You can always change what the link text (currently JOURNALNAME.dreamwidth) to whatever you want the link to say. Likewise, you can change the link itself so that it links somewhere other than your character's journal, which is what it's currently set to do once you fill it in.
    • ## with numbers, obviously. For posts, I'd recommend setting it to the number of CR partners you've put on the page. As far as followers and following, that's entirely up to you.
    • CRJOURNAL with the CR partner's journal name.
    • Character Name | Relationship with the CR Partner's character name and their relationship to your character. This will pop up when the image is hovered over by a user viewing the chart.
    • CRIMAGE with an image of your CR Partner which is at least 250x250. This image needs to be square, as well, and if it's larger than 250x250, the code will resize it for you.
  3. The code is clearly marked with HTML comments to guide you through adding new characters to the CR chart and making sure that they are in the right place.
  4. Please do not remove credit.
  5. If you have any questions or run into hiccups, please feel free to comment below and I'll try to get back to you ASAP to help.
  6. Enjoy!

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