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playlist: clean and simple

Clean and Simple Playlist

This cr chart was made to match this navigation page and this cr chart.
01. Meet Me in the Basement ✗ Broken Social Scene
02. Lyrical Lies ✗ Cute Is What We Aim For
03. Carry the Zero ✗ Built to Spill
04. Modern Mystery ✗ Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
05. The Old and the Young ✗ Midlake
06. Falling For You ✗ Ronnie Day
07. Priscilla ✗ Sea Wolf
08. The World at Large ✗ Modest Mouse
09. Sad and Beautiful World ✗ Sparklehorse
10. Things I Don't Remember ✗ Ugly Cassanova
11. I'll Believe Anything ✗ Wolf Parade
12. Don't Look Back ✗ Kissing Cousins
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